Convert car to LPG

Can I convert my car to LPG?

We can install in any petrol or diesel engine. The regulations require that to legalize the reform the vehicle has to be at least Euro 3.

How do we transform the car?

We install an approved kit in the vehicle, without the need to manipulate or modify the engine. During 2 or 3 working days we work on your vehicle to install all the components of the kit: tank, loading mouth, piping, electrovalve of cut, reducer – vaporizer, injectors, control unit and switch.

Once the installation is completed, the maintenance required is less, performing a filter change every 30,000 km, both liquid and gas phase. The vehicle’s programming parameters and the installation of the new kit will also be reviewed.

Does it increase the range of a car running on LPG?

The range of a LPG vehicle can be up to 500 km with AutoGas LPG only. It all depends on the capacity of the tank that has been installed.

We can say that a vehicle adapted to LPG doubles its autonomy.

Will my car lose power on LPG?

The installed equipment is designed to maintain the performance of the vehicle, making it not lose performance.

Will I get the ECO label for my car?

In order for a vehicle to obtain the ECO label once it has been converted to gas, it is necessary to complicate the criteria of the C label. Internal combustion vehicles that comply with the latest EURO emissions This label will be awarded to gasoline passenger cars and light vans registered from January 2006 and diesel passenger cars registered from September 2015. Vehicles with more than 8 seats and heavy-duty vehicles powered by both petrol and diesel, registered from 2014.