Converting petrol to LPG

Can all petrol vehicles be converted?

All petrol vehicles with indirect injection can be converted to LPG In the case of direct injection it is more convenient to send us the technical data sheet to our e-mail in order to carry out the appropriate checks.

Transformation of gasoline vehicles to LPG:

From Autogas Ecológico, we offer the possibility of transforming the combustion of your vehicle’s petrol engine to LPG. We have a great experience in the transformation of cars, vans and other vehicles, allowing a significant saving in the fuel expense.

Contact our company and get all the information you need about the conversion process and its prices. Discover all the possibilities for saving in the maintenance of your vehicle!

Gasoline Indirect LPG injection

For vehicles with petrol engine with indirect injection STAG has the products of the Q-generation family.

Transformation Direct injection

The STAG 400 DPI producer line is the one designed to work in gasoline direct injection vehicles.

Offering compatibility with a large number of engines, this system can be installed in a large number of vehicles on the market.

Adaptation of Dual direct injection petrol engines

The Dual direct injection system (known as STAG 500 DIS) was presented at the GasShow in Warsaw during the 7th and 8th of April 2017.

With this system the vehicle works with a double phase, injecting LPG in a liquid state and in a gaseous state at the same time. This allows the vehicle to run 100% on LPG.

The main characteristics of the system are:

  • It is universal as the configuration does not depend on the engine code.
  • The system can be installed on vehicles with 2 injectors per cylinder.
  • Without emulation of the petrol injectors, it can transform vehicles with any type of injectors, including piezoelectric ones.
  • External LPG pump that facilitates the installation and use of the system without excessively increasing the total cost.
  • It is designed not to be intrusive, avoiding modifying the vehicle’s high-pressure pump.
  • Compatible with the standard components already used in the Autogas sector.
  • Easy to install, the assembly time is very similar to those of previous systems.