Conversion of machinery to LPG

At Autogas Ecológico we transform diesel or petrol engines of all types of machinery to LPG. We carry out conversions to save fuel in generators, forklifts, boats, tractors, harvesters…

Benefits of LPG dualisation of machinery:

  • Saving on fuel
  • Replacement of more than 50% of Diesel
  • Prevents clogging of catalysts and particle filters
  • Improves engine synergies
  • Extends the life of engine components
  • Environmental aid


Services we offer

  • Type approval in different models
  • Conversion to LPG / CNG/li>
  • CE Marking
  • Sale of approved equipment and accessories
  • Technical assistance
  • Technical training in Autogas systems

Agricultural machinery:

Tractors, motor cultivators, harvesters, mowers, ploughs, seeders, etc.



We carry out projects with our Naval Engineering department.


Marketing of Autogas skids.