LPG Regenerator

This system has been designed to provide efficiency for diesel vehicles that currently need cleaning in the combustion chamber and exhaust ducts. With the gas technology and increasing the combustion temperature together with diesel, oxygen and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) we achieve in an efficient way the decarbonization of NOX (soot and residues of the bad combustion of diesel) in this way the vehicles are in conditions for the controls of the technical inspection ITV.

Through different tests in European laboratories, such as ITS in Warsaw and Czech Republic and IDIADA in Spain, they show that any component applied to this technology complies with the homologation regulations based on the Autogas criteria.

The decarbonisation unit complies with European regulations regarding safety, all its components are manufactured under the R67 standard and STAG AFR under the same criteria, in case of emergency through the Start Stop unit it locks the central unit.

For the use of this system, it is necessary that the procedure is carried out by an authorised automotive workshop, since the improper use can produce risks.

Financing: Renting with a monthly fee of 140€/month.