Who we are

LPG conversion experts

The company Multigrupo STAG is a distributor and national representative of the Polish company Ac.STAG, a leading company in the Autogas sector with more than 30 years of experience.

We sell all types of transformation equipment for both LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) to individuals, public companies, private companies, installation workshops, etc.

We have all the necessary approvals:

  • 12 V LGP
  • 12V GNC / GNL
  • 24 V LGP
  • 24V GNC / GNL
  • Gasoline direct injection
  • Gasoline indirect injection

Company certified by the UCA

The Automotive Certification Unit (UCA) of the Foundation for the Promotion of Industrial Innovation is the Technical Service designated by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism for:

  • The carrying out of initial assessments.
  • Conformity of production.
  • Continuous verification for the approval of motor vehicles and their components.